Motion Lines (2020)
A multi-channel animation and digital print series, made with Cinema4D and the Rokoko SmartSuit Pro (provided by the FCAD Creative Technology Lab)
Herbarium (2019-2020)
A suspended sculpture & video piece by Tia Bennett & Constance Osuchowski
As you walk around the sculpture, the figure of a woman comes in and out of view. 
Her panels, made of acrylic, cyanotyped glass, and dried flowers are reminiscent of a greenhouse, a structure designed to create a hospitable environment where plants can grow. Yet in her humanly form, she is imperfect; an exploded greenhouse. She can’t find a balance between nurturing herself and what is around her. The flowers in resin suggest that preserving oneself for viewing—​​​​​​​like pressing a fragile flowermay retain one's beauty, but makes new growth impossible.
 The video piece combines footage of ourselves with footage of local flora, and edited in a way that speaks to collection and documentation; the process one goes through when making a herbarium.  
Project Feature (Function Magazine) here
(3D 360 mock-up of the installation)
Fingerprints (2019)
BOX (2019)
summer_2018 (2018)
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